My first post

Hello viewers,

This is my first blog post.Basically, I am working right now as Flash Actionscript3 programmer and I started programming for about 6 months.

After graduating as a Computer Engineer,I did teaching as a computer teacher in a school.Recollecting those days,it was fun beacause my job time was from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and after that it was holiday for me.Rather, than the part time schedule,it was the human interaction that made teaching full of life.You have a job to change someone’s life,someone’s perspective of life and make them prepared for the life ahead.Further you have to reinvent the way to explain things as sometimes it was hard to make them understand small things and you must be able to reach each and every student personally.So,this was the challenging part but was fun.

I still remember my students and those fond memories teaching at Pacific Academy.Truly,speaking I miss those moments and miss them a lot.

I changed teaching profession to programming one because I felt that I must update myself on ongoing technology and information.So,took this job which has 9 working hours and very little human interaction.During these 6 months,I finally got to push myself as project time would be less and you have to first learn and do the project.So,experimenting my knowledge and expanding was fun but I think now I even forget to talk because I barely have to talk.

Yes,I am a web programmer ,but I don’t have any time to find out what is going on the information area,as most of my time is devoted on finding solution and completing project.And after that go home and sleep.

Oh,where is the fun of roaming,being free and wandering.I now want to do business and be a CEO of outsourcing comany and earn millions and billions of dollars and I know I will do it.

Ok,right now this and I will do post some of my knowledge on my actionscript life.


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