Working with PaperVision 3D

It has been nearly about a year I have dwelled into Actionscript 3 and now I am getting to know it more and more.Now,I am focused on doing more.Recently I used swfmill and mtasc compilers which are basically command line compilers for generating swfs.

Swfmill can make swf out of xml and mtasc can generate swf with actionscript class.When you combine both you can generate good swf files which can be used in variety of flash products.

Check  and

I have a project which needs PaperVision 3D and nowadays I feel that I have to do more and more to get best out of me.After reading blogs of various talented and selfless developers like John Lindquist of , Grant Skinner of,Jack Doyle  of to name a few and if I have to write the name of all those developers,there are so many.They have set a benchmark for all of us aspiring developers to do something worthwhile to the community.

To be frank, I feel blessed  to be in Flash,Flex,AIR development as it is emerging technology but there are lots of developers who are doing a lot of effort to make this platform alive and rocking.

I love all the 3D open source classes like Away 3D,Papervision 3D,Five 3D,Sandy 3D to name some and I opted for  PaperVision 3D as I am new to this 3D environment and Papervision 3D has lots of tutorials,which I can use to raise my learning curve.Once,I become accustomed to it,then I will surely go for other 3D classes.

Further,I am happy now to learn and expand my horizon and thanks to all those aspiring developers who have contribute a lot in making Actionscript 3 environment to next level.


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