Flex 3 assigning any name to XML node attribute dynamically

While I was in a process to create an xml for swfmill which uses “import” keyword as an attribute like

//i have a node named font
font id ="Strip" import ="f:/santu/STRIP.ttf"

Now,I had to create an application which writes xml in such a format.So for that I need to give attribute name at runtime using like this

var newXml:XML = new XML() ;
newXml.@id ="Hello";
newXml.@import ="F:/...";

And while writing import keyword,the flex compiler throws error as “import ” keyword is used to import packages and classes
So after searching through this article


I found how to add import keyword to the XML node .You can do this

newXml.@["import"] ="F:/santu/"

I hope this post can help you all to assign any name to XML node attribute dynamically


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