Android: Failed to fetch URL :solution

At my office,I am using proxy server for internet connections.Due to this, while finding out the available packages from android repository, it always throws “Failed to fetch URL “.After going through several internet solution, I finally found out the actual way to do it, by following the steps below

  • First navigate to android_sdk folder
  • Then run SDK Manager (which you will find under android sdk folder
  • At left you will find “settings”
  • At settings fill out HTTP proxy server and proxy port location
  • Then under misc check “force http://”

Now you are able to check available packages and download it


2 thoughts on “Android: Failed to fetch URL :solution

  1. There may be problem with your internet connection from AVD manager to Android repository browser and frankly speaking ,it is hard for me to point out exact solution from your comment.But if you need to add new “android platforms” ,you can manually download the zip files as described here
    And once the required package is downloaded unzip it on your android-sdk -platform folder under platforms or platform-tools depending upon the download zip

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