Ubuntu 10: How to use svn under proxy server

We have proxy servers at our office and due to it, I have to make modifications on several applications that needs to access internet.I frequently use svn for checkout of Google codes and in order to execute svn checkout, I had to manually set proxy configurations. Since, Ubuntu is installed at my workstation I couldn’t find any GUI of svn to manually set proxy setting as I had done on my Windows.
So after few quick search,I found the way to configure proxy settings on Ubuntu and I am sharing this tip.Please follow the following procedure and make sure that svn is installed in your machine

  1. Open terminal
  2. Invoke super user
  3. Navigate to /etc/subversion folder
  4. Then edit servers file using gedit or any other text editor
  5. Then under [global] header put the proxy settings as
  6. [global]
    http-proxy-exceptions = *.
    ##put the location of your proxy server
    http-proxy-host =
    ##out the location of your port
    http-proxy-port =3128
  7. Now save the servers file
  8. Now you are able to use svn under your proxy server

Navigate to svn folder
Editing svn servers
Using svn checkout
checkout process

This is all,hope you all can use svn under proxy on your respective Ubuntu OS.


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