Android making edit text like go sms pro or making clickable image span

Our team has just completed a Android Application named Sms Scheduler” whose main purpose was to send sms during a scheduled time or send sms directly.Its a free app and you can check and download it
Sms Scheduler

While developing this app,we needed the UI mainly MultiAutoCompleteTextView as used in one of the most widely used app Go SMS Pro.Since there wasn’t any open source UI similar to that,we started to develop our own custom MultiAutoCompleteTextView and after completing it,we realized that this UI may be helpful to another developer out there.So we decided to make it open source.This UI is developed by our talented Android developer Krishna Lal Shrestha.Please feel free to use it and modify it and possibly build better than it.The reason we open sourced it is that ,during our development we scanned through lot of stackoverflow answers,and most of the users were having hard time deploying this kind of UI.So we hope that it would help any developers out there looking for UI similar to GoSMSPro mainly MultiAutoCompleteTextView.

Source code is available at github

Keep sharing and Keep rocking 😉


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