Using data visualization sdks under flex 3.4 sdk in Flex Builder 3

I have flex builder 3 with default sdk 3.2.I recently downloaded sdk 3.4 and used under Flex Builder.But I couldn’t get access to charting components and initially I didn’t know how to do it.Then,after some search on adobe forum ,I found how to use charting components and I am describing it ,so that some may find useful.

First go to url —>

In this page there is overall procedure on how to do it but I will also mention it.

-> First download data visualization sdks and after completion of download,extract the folders and you will receive frameworks and lib folder.

-> Copy the content of frameworks and go to c:\program files\adobe\flex builder 3\sdks\3.4\frameworks and paste there and similarly copy the content of folder lib of extracted sdk and paste it in adobe\flex builder 3\sdks\3.4\lib\.

-> Now start your flex builder 3 application and you can successfully use charting components. Continue reading