Missing in action

Right now I am preparing for GRE and I have to completely turn my back off the my beloved Actionscript 3.So much have been having lately,but I am not being able to give it time.And need to work on Android too.So much work to do and so much little time.But anyway I will do it,right now I am missing in action


Performing advanced wall jump in Assassin’s Creed II

First of all,hats off to the Assassin’s Creed II developers.After a long time,I have been so much captivated by a game which is beautifully crafted.The graphics are stunning and one can notice the details of the game,while Ezio leaps off from building, his shadow casting is done brilliantly.Further, the lightning effect mainly the sunlight as portrayed during evening time is so much vibrant.I do like the story telling or the way the game progresses and draws the user to play more. The fighting technique and overall gameplay is exciting or to say it simply rocks.

But sometimes the controls make me loose my patience,as I can’t figure out what the control symbol do as it pops on the hud.I have to go back to controls option and look at the symbol and the keyboard button it is referencing to.I am playing this game on my laptop,so I heavily rely on keyboard.Then came one mission during Ezio travel to Venice(worth mentioning the beautiful scenery of Venice) and I have to do this advanced wall jump.In order to perform advance wall jump the notification display says to press “W” and “SPACE”.I did hundreds of time,but to my dismay,I couldn’t perform any advanced wall jump.

Now what to do?The simple answer google around the web.I did couple of searching but all the help information was intended for XBOX,Playstation consoles.But I took note of the description portion of that information and finally was able to do advanced wall jump after couple of practice session.So,I want to share this information

  1. First press “W” along with “Right Mouse” and advance towards the wall
  2. Then, as soon as wall approaches press “SPACE”
  3. Notice the maximum height Ezio can cover with that “SPACE”,because at this maximum height you are able to perform advanced wall jump
  4. As soon as Ezio reaches his maximum jump height pess “W”+ “D” +”SPACE”+ “move the mouse direction where you want to jump” at once.This control combo will perform advanced wall jump to the right direction

In order to master this jump,practice it couple of time and to do so,go to the guard room,where you will find a table and nearby the table two open wooden boxes.Stand in one wooden box and try advanced wall jump to reach to other wooden box.If you are able to press above mention control combo then you will end up in another wooden box.But if you end up in the table or any other place,then your control combo is not effective to do wall jump.
Hope now anyone can do Advanced Wall Jump on Assassin’s Creed II and enjoy the game without the frustration I have gone through.

Dreams,Dreams and more dreams

I am a dreamer and I dream a lot.

I want to and I will establish a great,great,great Company which does outsourcing,which produces mindblowing games,which delivers state of the art computer hardware and peripherals and which innovates web and computer technology.

My company will be heaven for developers,animators,designers and all to computer and web geeks.In my company ,I will take care of all my employees problem and make them as a family ,so that they could focus on what they love to do.I will push the limits of all my employee and bring the best out of them.
There will be annual conference where I show the products of my company and I praise all the employee for their outstanding performance.All the world will be focused on my company event and all the media will there for its coverage.

My company is not there to earn profit,but stands to deliver great products that enhance human life and make their life more better.

I will also contribute most of profits to charity.What I want to do is open a place for stray animals where they will be treated well,given good food and shelter and be kept with care and love.

Further I will also donate on education and create a system where all the children will love to learn more and there will be no boring classes at all.

This is just a small portion of my dream and one day I have to make it come true.
But for now back to work.

My first post

Hello viewers,

This is my first blog post.Basically, I am working right now as Flash Actionscript3 programmer and I started programming for about 6 months.

After graduating as a Computer Engineer,I did teaching as a computer teacher in a school.Recollecting those days,it was fun beacause my job time was from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and after that it was holiday for me.Rather, than the part time schedule,it was the human interaction that made teaching full of life.You have a job to change someone’s life,someone’s perspective of life and make them prepared for the life ahead.Further you have to reinvent the way to explain things as sometimes it was hard to make them understand small things and you must be able to reach each and every student personally.So,this was the challenging part but was fun.

I still remember my students and those fond memories teaching at Pacific Academy.Truly,speaking I miss those moments and miss them a lot.

I changed teaching profession to programming one because I felt that I must update myself on ongoing technology and information.So,took this job which has 9 working hours and very little human interaction.During these 6 months,I finally got to push myself as project time would be less and you have to first learn and do the project.So,experimenting my knowledge and expanding was fun but I think now I even forget to talk because I barely have to talk.

Yes,I am a web programmer ,but I don’t have any time to find out what is going on the information area,as most of my time is devoted on finding solution and completing project.And after that go home and sleep.

Oh,where is the fun of roaming,being free and wandering.I now want to do business and be a CEO of outsourcing comany and earn millions and billions of dollars and I know I will do it.

Ok,right now this and I will do post some of my knowledge on my actionscript life.