The reason IT is alive,breathing and healthy

There are billions of dollars invested in Information Technology and with each and every second,technology moves from better to best.With each day,we bask the warmth of new technology be it twitter,facebook,android,IOS and many other,that has indeed enhanced the way we live our life.Information technology is a great podium for revenue generation and that’s why companies are pouring down enormous amount of money on it. I have been actively involved in IT for about 3 years and during these 3 years I have seen rapid development in technology and the way we use web.

The overall credit of this rapid growth and development of IT industry shouldn’t go to IT companies alone.Companies will always be there if there is a chance to generate profit and huge investment will always be there ,if there is plethora of revenue generation schemes.For making IT sector alive and rocking,I want to credit those developers and designers who love to share.These people who work hard at their job and give 100 % at it,and even though they feel tired after a hard day’s work and instead of going to sleep,they work on their passion.And their passion includes sharing of information.Some of these evangelist go on forum and contribute in finding out the solution for others,some write blogs and share the knowledge they gained,some sit down on their code repository and post it on googlecode,github for others to use.They do all these things with full heart and by doing so ,they won’t receive any profit or revenue but also they do it.

Yes,this act,this noble act and I like to say this heroic act has made this IT industry alive and full of fun.These idols have paved a way for future learners and future contributers to move along ,and they do so without any selfishness and without any desire for money.
I have met lot of these peoples at forum,at googlecodes and github and at their personal blog.I want to salute you and you all have been my inspiration and you all are the reason this IT sector has air to breathe and is alive.