More to do and I will do it anyhow

I always dream more and I believe I can achieve whatever I dream.But the bigger the dream ,the bigger is the disappointment.Meaning, whenever I dream big,I fail to do small actions that help me move forward to reach my dream.For instance, in order to progress in life,I must make some small changes in my behavior, like do exercise,meditation and give some time to recharge myself. I am always conscious to recharge my phone or my laptop but I don’t give much effort to recharge myself.

Right now ,I am learning Android programming and it is hectic for me to cover lots of topic and understand it fully.So work occupies my most of time and drains lots of my energy.And when I reach home,I always want to surf net or watch tv or go to sleep.This habit of mine hasn’t allowed me recharge myself.But this won’t happen from now on.From today I will give small effort to make small changes in my life and as the time goes by,I know my old habit will again interfere me.But then also,I will carry on cuz I have to do more by doing small things in a regular basis.Step by step,I will make changes in my life and with these little improvements,I will carry on to achieve the big dream I have.Now is the time to do more and do it anyway.